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Strengthened by 50 years of experience within the industry, the EMD Group is one of the major European players in the distribution of musical instruments and accessories; namely cymbals, guitars, drums, percussion, brass and woodwind instruments, cables and piano benches.

EMD Music, the parent company, is based in Brussels, where it has 12,000 m2 of warehouse space. In Europe, it relies on 3 branches and 24 exclusive sales representatives to market and supply it's products to the United Kindom, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Austria, covering a client base of more than 2000 retailers specialising in the field of musical instruments.

In late 2002, the EMD Group also launched itself in the USA, establishing it's base in Nashville, Tennessee. The American market represents a potential new axis of expansion for the EMD Group in the near future.

In 1995, in addition to the brands distributed under exclusive license in France, Benelux, Germany and the UK, EMD created it's own proprietary brand; STAGG. A team of experts select the factories in order to source the best products, which are adapted and personalised, or used to design and create new, unique products. This allows EMD to offer a very large catalogue of unique, quality products at the best possible prices. - Thanks to this new area of activity, EMD is increasingly exporting beyond the boundaries of the enlarged EU, and now has a large network of international distributors to cover more than 30 countries worldwide, including Brazil, Argentina, Russia and South Africa.

Global sales of Stagg products have quickly expanded to the point where they now account for a dominant share of total revenue figures, as well as the group's phenomenal growth in the 21st century.

In recent years, EMD has also developed new brands like JN Guitars, ANGEL LOPEZ and LEVANTE. The group, however, did not forget their original business and continues it's successful business partnership with other brands such as REMO, MARTIN, AUGUSTINE, SEIKO, GHS and more.

In late 2006, EMD also established itself in China, specifically in the region of Guangzhou, where it now has offices and warehousing.

Through a second building which was completed in late 2009, our Chinese warehouse (15,000 m2 in total) has become the de facto logistics hub for the Group.

The new complex's main purpose is:

A family-run business in constant evolution, EMD today employs more than 130 people worldwide and is on the cusp of major new strategic developments, both in the diversity of it's products and the geographical expansion of it's activities.