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EMD Music – Trusted MI Distribution for 60 Years

With 60 years of experience within the industry, the EMD Group is a global leader in the distribution of musical instruments, pro audio, accessories, and performance related goods. Everything from guitars, drums, percussion, brass and woodwind, cables, piano benches, PA, microphones, lighting and much more.

EMD Music SA , the parent company, is based in Brussels, Belgium where it has 12,000 m2 of warehouse space. In Europe, it operates from three branches with seventeen exclusive sales representatives to service directly to the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Austria, covering a client base of more than 2000 retailers specialising in the field of musical instruments & pro-audio.

The rest of Europe including Spain & Scandinavia are handled by long established sub-distributors and agents.

EMD Music Inc. USA

In late 2002, the EMD Group also launched itself in the USA. Established in Nashville, Tennessee EMD is a valued supplier for many leading retailers across the USA. Distributing key brands like Stagg, Laney, Crafter, Admira, Remo, Premier and many more. EMD are represented by 4 captive sales managers and a team of 11 experienced agents all supported by our Nashville customer service team who pride themselves on providing great service to our valued customers across the United States.

In 1995 EMD created its own proprietary brand STAGG. EMD’s highly experienced team developed a full range of products designed for the modern musical instrument retailer. Employing product designers and establishing close partnerships with a select group of factories, EMD established a new team in China to manage and oversee production, quality control & logistics.

Nearly 30 years later many musicians across the world own a Stagg instrument or accessory. The Stagg portfolio of products has developed to include many unique and quality products offering the best possible value to musicians across the world. Stagg can be found in well over 80 countries around the world through a global network of international distributors, many of whom have been with us for well over 20 years.

A family-run business in constant evolution, established by Leonardo Baldocci in 1963 today the company is led by CEO Giovanna Baldocci. EMD employs more than 110 people worldwide from a rich & diverse background and we are proud of our truly global influence within our organisation.

We are dedicated to supporting The Musical Instrument dealer, fulfilling the objectives of our brand partners and most importantly helping musicians across the world play music.